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Quote from br8124 View Post :
I tested my G580 just now, it's good, sound was okay. it's pretty cool one for 265+tax. I recommend it to anyone.

During thanksgiving Dell had 'Dell Inspiron 14z 14.1" Laptop w/ Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD' for 299.99 + tax for few mins on their site; and all of us were trying to grab it; only few lucky guys were get it for that price; this is way better...
This is a SLICK deal for sure! You're right the sound isn't bad and the overall speed and quality are great for the price! I've played with laptops in the $500 range that weren't this good!

Quote from Wislak View Post :
Could you copy/past the URL, item number or something, none of us know what you're talking about
They did that a few pages ago on 30 or 31..

Quote from hanly2 View Post :
How are people getting this deal today when the coupon expired yesterday?
Quote from andylau09 View Post :
the coupon's deadline has been extended Smilie
Yup, new Staples coupon apparently says 23rd...
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