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I bought these when they were about $70 during BF and I can say that so far I'm quite please with how these headphones have held up. I haven't used the mic yet as I tend to be a silent gamer but the sound quality is quite impressive. Playing FPS games, gun shots sound amazing and with the 7.1 channel, determining the directionality of the gun fire helps more than you know. I love the fact that with the wireless function I can get up and go use the restroom or walk to fridge and still be connected to either the game or listening to music without worrying about being in range with the receiver. Since I find myself using this headset for everything more than my Logitech speakers, the 10 hour battery life seems a bit paltry as I get the low battery indicator going off at least once a day.

A couple of concerns would be the swivel points for the ear cups are plastic and seem a bit cheap and I've read that they are a bit fragile so when they are not in use I hang them up on a headphone stand. Another thing is that it requires a little more force than I would have liked to remove the micro usb cord from the charging port. This concerns me as it could cause a short or could damage the pins somewhere down the line.

At the $70-$80 range, I say these are a good investment, especially for the wireless benefit but there are probably several better options for gaming cans if you want to stay corded.
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