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Quote from Nicholas Alandt View Post :
Hello Slickdeals,

A Long time ago, I had done the Slickdeals, "Facebook" Like Slickdeals.
Today I clicked on it 15 bounce for like Slickdeals, but I get a "Error" Message.
So I double checked and sure and anuff I was still "Like" Slickdeal's.
Please Help Me Fix this "Error Message So I may get the Bounce for "Facebook Like Slickdeals" part of the message fix?


Nicholas Alandt

there's already a thread on this in site questions, issues & suggestions, which is where a web developer will respond when he/she can. i've MA'd your thread to be moved there so you'll (hopefully) be in the loop when it's fixed or there's some other update.
If you spot a repost, please click on the ModAlert button and include the link to the repost. Please do not bump the thread by saying it is a repost. shake head

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