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Quote from Cyphear View Post :
I got my price adjusted yesterday. They seemed a little skeptical and looked in the computer for a couple minutes, but then adjusted the price. Thanks for whoever pointed me/us to that!

I'm sure they are losing money on it, so they are really not losing anything. At the original price, they were probably only making $10 - $20 on it.

I just try to unplug it every once in a while and run it down to ~50% or so. If you're going to remove it, only charge it to 40% or so. That's how they store best. Todays batteries are pretty forgiving, so you dont need to do too much to keep them healthy.
NO, if they piss people off they are LESS likely to shop there at ALL. Ever heard of penny wise but pound foolish? Turning away a customer for ANY reason could end up costing them much more in the long run...

Though I agree the original cost on these models was probably about $299 so they were losing money when people got to use the coupon. I will remember that they let me use two of these coupons though and when I can I will throw them more business with price matches etc...
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