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Quote from AbbyGabby View Post :
I've never had a problem with this before and I was able to click this option for yesterday's deal with no issues. Something in the last 24 hours must have changed, and I am now getting the attached error. I haven't logged out of SD or Facebook, and I still "Like" the Slickdeals FB page, so I'm not sure why it won't allow me to get the extra giveaway entries.


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Quote from Nicholas Alandt View Post :
Hello Slickdeals,

A Long time ago, I had done the Slickdeals, "Facebook" Like Slickdeals.
Today I clicked on it 15 bounce for like Slickdeals, but I get a "Error" Message.
So I double checked and sure and anuff I was still "Like" Slickdeal's.
Please Help Me Fix this "Error Message So I may get the Bounce for "Facebook Like Slickdeals" part of the message fix?


Nicholas Alandt

Quote from mrmoomoo View Post :
i have this problem too Frown
Quote from acesmuzic View Post :
don't worry, you've been here too long and have too many posts to win anything anyway Comfort
Quote from DisabledVet View Post : is broke!! Frown
Quote from calistyle View Post :
At first, I thought this was the same post of his that I saw earlier, but it's different. Where was this one originally?
Quote from jwluvslrd View Post :
I too have encountered the same issues and was told to post on technical issues forum.So you are not alone sweetie but I know that doesn't help.Good luck.
Quote from Microtubule View Post :
It hasn't worked for me for weeks
Check and see if it's working for you now, it should (and just worked for me)
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