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Quote from Sammich View Post :
I recently purchased the Dell U2713HM 27" but noticed the blacks arent very crisp. Ill have half a white screen and half black and the white bleeds into the black area making it look almost grey or very washed out black.

Can anyone tell me if this is something related to ALL Dell displays? Or just the model I purchased? I am considering returning that display for this one instead to save a few hundred bucks as the extra few inches doesnt seem that big of a deal to me.

But if this display is as washed out as the other I might as well not bother. Id appreciate opinions on this.
No, that is not typical at all.

First try all the adjustments, starting with a reset to factory defaults.

You may want to try a different cable. You're using DVI or Displayport? If you're using HDMI, that may be your problem. Most video cards can't drive the native resolution of this monitor through HDMI. If you're using VGA, well, you need a new computer.

If none of that works, get a warranty replacement.