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These headphones are fantastic. I have the G35 wired versions but they're basically the same thing.
I'm also really into music, so I also own B&W P5's, a Schiit combo and AKG K242's, soon to upgrade to HE-400's.

Yet I still picked up these headphones because they stand in a class of their own.

You can't compare audiophile sets to gaming headsets. They're completely built for separate things. It's like comparing a hummer to some BMW 7-series. The BMW does great on the track, but the hummer will do great in harsh terrain.

Rough comparison, but these headphones utilize the 7.1 surround sound system beautifully, for watching movies on my laptop and especially for FPS games where sound direction is extremely important to get a slight edge in combat.
The microphone is also wonderful- it lowers the ambient noise (I use them in a constantly loud setting) and my girlfriend can hear me perfectly fine via skype.

The headphones are also comfortable- I have used them on a daily basis for the past three months from anywhere ranging from 8-13 hours. No head discomfort (though the ears can get warm, and the hair matted with prolonged use, as is to be expected). The wire is great quality, reinforced with corded nylon which has saved me several times. It's long, but you can wrap it up easily.

I bought my G35 used/like new for $60 back in November and it's one of my favorite purchases. It does decently with music, but this isn't its main attraction. For heavy gamers this is the ultimate headset.