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Quote from talonts View Post :
Or you have abnormal hands and wrists that don't follow the norm. Believe it or not, there IS science behind ergonomics.

Yeah, because a keyboard that makes typing easier, with less movement, and proper wrist angles, is all BS. All those people with carpal tunnel - it's all in their heads.

Go away, troll.
Of course there is science behind ergonomics, there is less science behind the MS keyboard. I don't have weird hands. Funny how a keyboard, in your mind, is only ergonomic if you have "compatible" hands, sort of makes my point, doesn't it?

Yeah, if I disagree with you, I must be a troll. But lets look at what you're saying: "proper wrist angles", proper by who's definition? You're basically saying it's ergonomic because... it's ergonomic. My hands move the exact same amount (hardly at all) when I type on either keyboard. My fingers move, though.

You're badly losing this argument, evidenced by your empty, circular argument and resorting to calling me names. I feel sorry for you because you're doing it in a public forum.