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Quote from SB1 View Post :
I always see posts on SD about the crappy 720P resolutions and integrated graphics making these laptops not worth getting. The reason they sell is because people like me need them for things other than gaming and graphics and I have purchased several in the last two months because they are a bargain and increase productivity for my employees using these. I need fast laptops with minimal graphics and I rarely see any SDers saying this. If you want better graphics, spend more money and quit bitching. There are models for every purpose but you have to pay for upgrades if you need them. Go stock up on some tampons while you wait for your dream gamer deal....
This is crap. Your employees need more resolution. Resolution is not for gaming, it's to get more information on the screen at any one time so you don't have to go f$@#ing scrolling all over the place. I am not a gamer and don't need anything beyond an HD4000, but I can tell you the higher the resolution the more productive you will be. Our minds are capable of comprehending much more information on the screen, and with all the frickin' toolbars and such on Windows, there's not a lot of room left for real content. Especially _vertically_.

These low resolutions sell because they are pushed down our throats by the manufacturers. They are cheap to make. But another $20 or so in manufacturer costs will get you 1600x900. We as a consumer need to demand more, especially when phones and tablets have better resolutions.