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Quote from CyberAthlete View Post :
I think the Wiki is misleading.

Performance wise, if someone is going from a HDD to an SSD, there will be a huge jump. It's like going from a Ford Taurus to a Lamborghini Aventador.

The 840 Pro will be considered a McLaren F1. Does nitpicking on each spec really matter if you had the Aventador or the F1? Would you not be just happy that you have a car that does 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. If one car does it in 3.2, and the other in 2.8?

Also, it'll take a few years before the drive even caps out its lifecycles. I believe the reviews mentioned it to be around 5-7.I wouldn't worry about these reviews too much and at $140 I'd jump on it had I not bought the 840 pro at $199.

At $140 this is a heck of a lot better deal.
I definitely agree with you, a lot of people seem to be bashing this drive because of TLC, but really, if you are a pretty average computer user, TLC will last you a good 7 years or so. Personally, I think I would be ready for an upgrade by then anyways.

I bit on this one and I'm replacing my 5400 rpm with this. I'm hoping the difference will be pretty noticeable. Also, this is a really good deal because I've been waiting for a good 7mm ssd to come up since I have a samsung ultrabook that only has room for a 7mm drive. So, rep to the OP.