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Quote from Foreveryours View Post :
How is having your credit card and your signature more beneficial to a thief compared to the one who has your card and the opportunity to fill it with his version?
How is he going to fill it with his signature when the words CHECK ID are written across the back in huge letters? Dontknow

Quote from MtnTripp View Post :
Good point Foreveryours.

You know... I'm wondering, if someone wrote "See ID" on the card, could the person who steals it not just mark through it and write in a fake signature? Can a business that just checks the signature (and doesn't ask for ID's unless it's on the card) actually question that and deny the card?
Considering my CHECK ID takes up 75% of the panel in the back, I would think that it would be a pretty big red flag for whoever is checking the back of the card.

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