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Quote from dadab View Post :
Force you to buy $30 ink every 90 days? something does not makes sense. Will have to wait for official update. Sometimes Managers spew BS!
Same thing when I went in today, the one tech manager I know gave me a heads up and said very something similar, might be every 3 or 6 month you have to buy ink, 6 months for premier?

Quote from rubadub View Post :
Nope. It just sounds like a lot, but spending $2,400+ at Staples really only means you spent about $10 OOP. And that $10 was probably for the one thing you actually needed. laugh out loud
That is so true, its amazing how much stuff you can get rolling your rewards into rebates and rebates into rewards LMAO
At this point I supply my family, grandma, cousins, aunt, uncle and a bunch of friends with paper/photo paper and other stuff laugh out loud