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Quote from Craig540 View Post :
I was thinking of selling my 85mm 1.8 which has been my best lens with my 60D. My thought is to have only L lenses with the 6D, but I really think I will miss it.
Don't sell it! It's a wonderful lens!

Quote from pointbob View Post :
You have no clue what you are talking about. I own both and have a 5d2 and 6d. Both these lens shine.

Perhaps you should move beyond your iphone camera one day and actually do real photography.

So how do you feel about the AF between 5D2 vs 6D?

Quote from 575rider View Post :
It is? Will the order not go through?
He meant it's "tempting" for him to pick up a 6D at this price (not attempting, lol)

Quote from intence01 View Post :
I haven't used a 6D, but have used a 7D and 5D2 (consider it like a 6D for our purposes here). From my experience you're trading speed (both fps and AF speed and AF points) for image quality. The full frame sensor seems to deliver better quality, especially at higher ISOs. The 7D's sensor would start delivering grainy images long before the wonderful FF sensor in the 5D2. However for sports, the 7D could lock on target and start firing off high FPS.

For studio work, portraits, stills, and light action I'd go with the 6D. For high speed work, sports, and shooting fast moving objects outdoors in sufficient light, the 7D is the better choice. Rumor has it that Canon will eventually release an update to the 7D, hopefully it's sensor performance is improved. Also, keep in mind the crop sensor will appear to be more "zoomed" in, so for closeups in sports, it's a bit easier to work with.
I figure as much! But as much as I want a 5D3, it's hard to justify the price. I am just trying to justify "sidegrading" from a 5D2 to a 6D Stick Out Tongue

Quote :
As for those lenses, the 35mm F2 and the 40mm F2.8. The 40mm is simply phenomenal at $149, there really isn't any reason NOT to own one. Who cares about the STM and video. It's a small light sharp lens. I'm sure the new 35mm F2 IS and 35mm Sigma are far better, and they had better be given their price, but at the price the 40mm is simply amazing. The 35mm F2 (non-IS) is fine optically, but AF is slow and noisy.
Yah, when I used the 35mm, its just "fine". I liked the 40mm, so I'll probably get it again, and sell the 35mm. I figure if I wanted sharpness on the 35, I'd have to stop down to f/2.8 anyway, hahaha

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