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Quote from Rawimpact View Post :
Yeah... umm I upgrade roughly 300-400 desktops a year and i've been doing it since 1999... let me just say that DOA for cpu's happens, more so with MoBo's. And the reason i brought up MoBo's in this thread is because there are free ones if purchased at microcenter.
I've had quite a few MoBo's arrive DOA, same with ram sticks and power supplies and hard drives. Even a few times DOA front panel and USB ports, a couple of DVD drives I've had arrive DOA. Yet I've never had a DOA CPU. Like, ever, in all my 20 years of building computers, the one component I've never worried about coming in dead has been the CPU haha.

Call it luck, serendipity or whatever else - the CPU is the one component I never worry about being at fault when I press that power switch and nothing happens.
02-26-2013, 01:00 AM

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