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Quote from linux_guru View Post :
Thujone is very neurotoxic--more so than alcohol. Would not advise. Wormwood got its name from being an herbal cure for worms. Cannabis is safer than alcohol or wormwood and is anticarcinogenic.
Again, to get the levels of thujone that would cause poisoning and hallucinations, you'd have to drink so many liters of absinthe that your BAC would reach supra-lethal levels. And even then, it's only certain absinthes, as all of the alcohol sold in the US is thujone-free. People trying to ensure thujone in their absinthe are falling prey to old wive's tails, chasing the romanticism of the drink instead of enjoying the drink itself.

And smoking marijuana is a whole can of worms. While I'm a proponent of legalization, and I am certainly aware of its benefits (if only the US were as willing as countries like Israel to heavily push marijuana reasearch), I'm not a proponent of current use. First, there's the legal aspect. It's not worth getting it on your record, going through the costs and time commitment to the legal system, etc.

Second, as marijuana lasts much longer in your system, and there's no way to take a discrete blood level measurement like there is with alcohol, you have to be rather careful to ensure it's worn off, before you take risks like driving a car.

Third, I am unwilling to go enjoy myself at the expense of others' lives. Americans' incessant drive for illicit substances is what has led to the crisis that's happening in Mexico, with 50,000 deaths over the last 6 years. Mexico has 9 of the top 20 most dangerous cities in the world right now:
Which is ridiculous. For a country so close to us to be so dangerous to travel to is pathetic, and we should be ashamed. Although other illicit substances are at play as well, I wonder if every time someone decides to light up a joint, they consider the brutish methods that it took to get it into their hands, and the significant profits that the Mexican cartels and other criminals are making from the stuff.

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