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Quote from zhopa View Post :
Why is it, that in every Samsung 840 thread, a bunch of people come out and start trashing TLC.
Ad hominem fallacy.

TLC is inferior to MLC in both power usage and lifespan.
Quote from zhopa View Post :
Does anybody have any real data that proves that TLC has significantly shorter real life than MLC?
Yes, anyone who bothers to figure out what TLC and MLC are. Google it.
Quote from zhopa View Post :
And no, Anandtech articles don't count because they never made the TLC drive actually fail at storing data or reproducing data.
Review sites don't always do a comprehensive job, especially when it comes to product lifespan. Consumer Reports' testing of many products, such as appliances, is a good example of that.

What Anandtech tends to do, though, is cheerlead for some products, like the new GeForce Titan card. For that, it used the word "luxury" and the phrase "luxury item" seven times between the blurb and the first page. Anandtech makes people think its reviews are comprehensive, but often they are flawed.
Quote from Tensoneu :
There will always be better technology than what is out right now. So even if you spend the extra cash on a Pro to last longer, that's roughly $50-70 more. Why would you spend that amount when the Pro will most likely be outdated the same time the Samsung 840 will?
False dilemma fallacy.

The competition for the "840 Series" is a budget MLC drive.
Quote from sdtdl :
Dammit, now I have to wait another few days. laugh out loud
Days? One day there were at least two 256 listings and two 500 listings. There is yet another 256 listing as I am posting this.

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