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Quote from chong67 View Post :
I do not understant what the Wiki is saying.

How does it compare to my Agility 3?.
TLC NAND is different than the MLC used in every other consumer SSD. It has higher power usage and lower endurance.

Quote from HardOCP :
The 120GB version limps in at acceptable for some, but by our estimation falls far short of delivering performance that would be suitable for a normal consumer. Endurance does become a concern with this capacity point, falling in at 3.5-4 years of light usage. Users looking for a 120GB SSD would be best suited to stick with an MLC product, period. The worst aspect is the extreme amount of read degradation that this SSD suffers once it reaches steady state. The read speed of the 120GB 840 is supposed to be its most redeeming quality, but once in steady state it dropped to the bottom of our charts. Taking away the one advantage of this drive leaves us with nothing more to say.
HardOCP recommends the 256 model, but I don't see why, since an MLC drive can be found around this price point.