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Quote from tigerdude77 View Post :
From a complete novice's POV - my FIRST SSD was a 120gb INTEL - that was over 2 years ago and it's still great IMO. I bought it for the dependability. Since then, I have installed 3 more (Kingston, OCZ, and Crucial I think), and all work just fine. Yeah - my Intel is the slowest, but it runs on my 32-bit desktop whereas the other 3 are 64-bit laptops. I love these SSD's and won't consider anything less now. For me, I am considering this deal just to replace the smaller SSD's that I purchased as an interim "cheap" solution. I don't care that it's a little slower if it's dependable.
Where do you feel the Slowness coming from?, I am on the sideline right now.

I don't have a Sata III SSD to compare to, the 80gb XM-25 that I have don't feel slow in most cases (but I also only use it for streaming/browsing) except Start-up compared to what other people are reporting with Sata III SSD.

Consider getting an SSD for my gaming machine, but don't know if an Sata III SSD would perform noticeably faster then XM-25, if its just a small difference I would go with this drive for its know reliability, thx.