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Judge Napolitano makes an even stronger point: by purposefully applying the cuts in such a way to cause maximum pain and chaos, rather than doing his job as CEO to run the country as best as he can, he is violating his oath and bordering on being impeachable.

Quote :
[Judge] Napolitano explained that the sequester is not a reduction in spending, but actually just slowing down the rate of spending increases. He said Obama has an obligation to keep the most critical areas of the government running at full force, and look to apply the cuts elsewhere.

“This is almost an impeachable offense. If the president is deciding how to spend money in order to hurt us, rather than in order to provide us with the services for which we have paid and for which we have hired him, he is doing the opposite of what he has taken an oath to do,” Napolitano said.
Even Bob Woodward, the godfather of mainstream journalism, is voicing concerns calling Obama's actions "Madness"
Quote :
That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.
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