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Quote from ChpByr View Post :
Although I understand where you're coming from, your rant would work better in a thread attracting people in the market for a wired set.

That aside, I received this in the mail today. My wired set does sound better than the G930, but after tweaking them a bit I find them good enough to make the G930 my primary set. Obviously preferences will vary, but if you're looking for a wireless set these are definitely viable. Very happy with my purchase.
This isn't just a wireless headset, though. This is also marketed as a gaming headset. My criticisms come from the perspective of a heavy PC gamer. As someone who depends on quality sound cues to compete in online video games, these headphones are not as up to snuff as many in the price range. Not even close.

So if you are a competitive gamer looking for a set of headphones in a $100 price range, you might be fooled into thinking these wireless cans are a dream come true. That is the kind of gamer that my comments are directed toward, because you are not going to get anywhere near $100 worth of soundstage out of these.

If you are only interested in the fact that these are wireless headphones, then yeah this is a good price for this particular set. But there are about a dozen sets of wireless headphones around the same price that would sound just as good, making this deal not as warm as the "gamer" marketing would have you believe.

But if you are a competitive gamer looking for wireless headphones specifically for competitive gaming (as these are marketed), then these only meet the wireless criteria and are actually quite lackluster in the gaming department. And, perhaps more importantly, their quality control is also under question as failure rates for the right earpiece and microphone are higher than they should be for a peripheral in this price range.