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Quote from jplayland View Post :
It's easier to find a bad one than a good one. Not only because there are less good ones, but also because it is easier to find evidence of guilt than evidence of innocence.

I would look at public financial documents and see where they spent the money. That is usually the only step needed to find the guilt.

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you're exactly right.

Let's save us both a lot of time by using a little logic.

We both agree (not that that means we're right, but let's go with it) that being good -- or at least "normal" -- rarely makes the news and gets reported. We agree that it's much easier to find evidence of people being bad, since there's more media coverage.

So if you're only occasionally seeing media coverage of a couple random unions (keep in mind, by going into mexico, we've opened up international waters and have take the number of unions from thousands to hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions), what do you conclude about the other unions that you're NOT hearing about?

<insert logic here>
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