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Quote from guyhandsome View Post :
I don't own a system. I'm arguing because I just keep seeing really weak logic from other people. ("They don't print frequency numbers, so the only possible reason they do that is because they suck.") If you can display your product in a separate area than the others, then you do it. That's pretty simple to figure out. And why would you want the speakers one foot behind your head? But I was wondering about the story behind frequency response thing, so I looked up why they wouldn't display them.

It turns out that frequency response numbers are actually very significant to the company. The guy who started Bose -- Amar Bose, again, an MIT professor -- bought some speakers based on frequency response back in the 60's. Based on the numbers, the speakers should have been really good, but they weren't. He started his own company and was dead-set against using frequency response numbers as a selling point, because when people see those numbers, they base too much information solely on the numbers rather than listening for themselves. Frequency response numbers might be the reason he even started the company!

So, with that, I guess the real question is: is it ironic when someone with this head up his ass tells other people to practice cognitive dissonance? Or it is just annoying?

You must be working for BOSE don't you?

EVERY speaker manufacturer that's worth their peanuts provide specs for their speakers such as sensitivity, impedance, SPL, and yes frequency response.

The same reason why EVERY car provide specs such as horsepower, mpg, etc. Oh, sorry you bought the car because you like its bright green neon color, even though it didn't come with 4 sets of wheels.

Bose don't provide any FR because it plain SUCKS.

Nothing useable exist on their speakers under 200hz, and their highs fall off the cliff way before 8khz. There are peaks and valleys all over when you attempt to measure FR on their speakers. That's why there's the saying..."no lows, no highs, it must be.....blah"
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