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Quote from prankies View Post :
I think people are dramatically overestimating the "surround sound" headphone gimmick. The headphones I talked about, the AD700s, produce a wider soundstage than these "surround sound" headphones. Locational accuracy is higher with quality stereo headphones than gimmicky 5.1/7.1. I absolutely guarantee it, as would any review. There just isn't a comparison.

I have agreed many times that the wireless functionality is a big draw, and I understand that appeal, but any quality stereo headphone will destroy these not JUST for music, but ALSO for gaming. I am saying this speaking as a competitive first person shooter gamer who has owned countless sets of headphones over the last 15-20 years. Any time I've gone with anything "gamer" branded or 5.1/7.1, I have seriously regretted it. Sound quality and build quality were not up to par.

Do a bit of googling on headphones like the AD700s and you'll see that high quality stereo blows away "surround sound" headphones in every regard, including gaming and soundstage/audio location cues. I'm not making this up to crap on your headphones, I just want people to understand that the wireless functionality is the only reason to pick this up. For the money, the sound quality on these just isn't there.

So I just got these, and the sound quality is really awful. I'm thinking about returning them.

Edit: flicking the surround swtich to off fixed it.

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