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Quote from calbear1995 View Post :
Can you please elaborate on where you heard this?

According to the following website, which is the definitive site for the Apple TV3 jailbreak, they have completed beta testing, and are almost ready to release to the public for free. They are working on the GUI, which is the last step.

Specifically in the above link, they said the following...
"Software Development Status Update : Apple TV 3 Untethered Version - Completed Beta Testing is now over. Our team would like to tank all our users who helped us in the beta testing process Current Development Stage: User Interface The software will be available for public download(free) after graphic interface is completed."

There is speculation that it might be released this month or next. Definitely worth waiting for, considering that you get 1080p with the Apple TV3 versus the Apple TV2, especially if you can get it for $85.
Lol that is fake website. Its been like that for past 6 months or so. Its never coming. There isn't just enough devs willing to work on ATV 3.