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Quote from guyhandsome View Post :
And, every goddamn company has full page ads. That doesn't make them a marketing juggernaut. I've seen two commercials for Bose in my life. One at 1 AM about their radio, and then recently a commercial during NFL games. That's it.
They are in every AARP publication. They market to the older generation - those whose hearing has left the building. They've sued Consumer Reports for negative reviews, as well as countless other magazines. They use oversized tweeters to reproduce a frequency range of a crow, and a bass module that extends to 1000Hz. Any other questions why audiophiles, as well as the general informed public avoid Bose? There's plenty of idiot engineers with phD's whose main goal is to rip off the public via scamvertising. It's in the Koolaide. If you haven't drank from the eternal well, quit defending them. They pray on your folk's hard earned retirement funds.

Now, please tell me why people rip Bose apart?

The Bose 901's were supposedly high end speakers back in the 80's. They called them direct reflecting. They had a dozen similar sized drivers - most of which were facing backwards. You had to place them against a wall, just right, to get proper imaging. And to get a somewhat flat frequency response, you had to use their parametric equalizer. That was the trick. The same trick they use in all their cube systems. They charge you thousands to preset an internal equalizer with a house curve, and people are amazed at the sound that comes from a large tweeter and base module. Anyone who knew anything about sound had 10 band eq's with their systems back in the day. For $100 to $150, you could tailor the sound to overcome room abnormalities. You don't see them today because of the lack of a monitor out jack, as well as only being able to process analog signals. Some of the better AVR's have built in equalizers, but they are nothing like what you had back in the day.