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Quote from BGRT View Post :
Most games are GPU bound, so with a Q6600 you can go far beyond a GTX 460 and still not be CPU bottlenecked in most titles.

No good GPU deals lately. Not on the low end, mid range nor high end. What's going on...
Quote from jdeej777 View Post :
hey guys, i'm kinda of outdated with CPUs and video cards having assembled my last system like 7yrs ago and now i got Dell Inspiron 530 with the older Intel Q6600.
Deciding to just upgrade the GPU and PSU (currently have 350w only), just to confirm, this 650ti w 1gb should be a lot better than a gt 650 w 2gb right? I see in that of course the ti has more speed. I just dunno how the extra 1gb affects performance. Btw I'm currently auditioning gt 640 2gb but reading that having ddr5 vs ddr3 shld have a big impact on speed plus gt650 ti has more CUDA cores.

Right now, I'm only trying to prepare for SC2 HotS.
1GB is good up to 1080p although a few games with ultra high res add on texture packs like Skyrim can use more. The 650ti will be faster in almost all games than the 650 though.