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Hey just to update you guys,

they didn't get back to me again after 3-5 days, so I used their chat service again to speak to a representative. She offered me a $20 credit for my next purchase. I said no because that wouldn't begin to cover the difference between this computer and the lenovo scratch-and-dent offer for $530. I then asked to speak to a manager. She gave me a number to call. I spoke to a representative, and he said the most they could do was a $20 credit. I asked to speak to his manager. His manager then said all they could do was a $20 credit on top of the $10 gift card I got last week. I said that I gave up ordering a laptop from lenovo outlet that was $530, had an i7 processor, and 8 GB RAM (and the 640M LE) - so that I could order this computer from them. Therefore the $20 credit would do be absolutely no good since their customer service was so rotten that I would never order from newegg again. He then went silent, came back, and offered me a $50 refund to keep the laptop. So that, on top of the $10 gift card I received last week, means I got the laptop for $499.99. Well, $509.99, and a $10 gift card for my next purchase.

Case closed.

Hopefully you guys are able to get some form of compensation too. Just remember to keep pushing and let them know that you had the opportunity to order a nice computer from Lenovo for a cheaper price, but ordered from newegg because you trusted them. And that after being cheated the graphics card, you no longer trust them. The only way they will keep your business is if they stop offering petty $10 gift cards and credits, and give you something realistic to work with in terms of compensation. Good luck!

tl;dr After a lot of arguing and finally speaking to a manager, I got $50 refunded to my credit card, and a $10 gift card for my next purchase.