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Quote from ReverseHandedJO View Post :
i too have hitachi drives removed form hitachi enclosures.

hitachi knows the drives were in enclosures by the serial numbers.

if you try to make a claim on the warranty it will not work it since the drives have been removed from their enclosures, thus voiding the warranty.

also, you wont be able to provide the correct proof of purchase aka receipt showing the drive was purchased as a bare drive.

why are you having so much trouble making sense out of that.
Getting a bit defensive, are we? Calm down... deep breath... whooooo saaaaaa

I haven't RMAed any of my opened drives, granted. If you want to share your experiences and support them with some evidence, go for it. Otherwise, we're both just theorizing Smilie

Anyways, I don't see why the drives would show a warranty if they're associated with the external enclosures "by the serial numbers". If they show a warranty on the website - they should be honoring their warranty. Feel free to call corporate to discuss your upcoming false advertising lawsuit Smilie (check your state consumer protection laws first!)