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Quote from pippypoppy View Post :
Updated: Nevermind, I see that the warranty involves shipping it to them. Dell comes out to the house, so I'll stick with them.

Anyone know about accidental warrenty plans from Sony? We've always bought dell laptops because they have a good accidental damage warranty (I've never needed mine, but the hubby is a bit accident-prone). Or we could try Foursquare? We basically need something that for a few years will cover it if it gets dropped or a drink spilled on it.

Edit: Ohh, I just noticed at the bottom of the page there are accidental service plans. I'll look into that -- is that from newegg or sony? Are they good plans?
They are from neither its actually a third party that provides that warranty. Never tried them so I cant speak on how good they are. Warranty seems pretty good for a 3 year for $190.

Quote from Nate650 View Post :
There was no mention of a backlit keyboard on the Dell product page. Is that just for being able to see the keys in the dark? If so, I guess it's for the people who look at the keyboard as they type.
That or for using the occasional Function buttons on your laptop.

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