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Quote from Slvrshot View Post :
It seems some of you find joy in the failings of this American city. I think its just sad.
Quote from MISHNAH View Post :
There is no joy in failure, but there IS joy in the lessons LEARNED from failure.

If nothing else, other cities and their citizens may just possibly learn *something* from Detroit's screw ups and change their ways before they get in the same situation.

Detroit didnt kill itself off due to a natural disaster or some unforeseen circumstances, anybody with half a brain could see what was happening, just that the people in power and the citizens that kept voting them in, were almost brainless (or brilliant in figuring out ways to line their pockets at everybody else's expense).
It's unlikely that other cities that went the way of Detroit will learn anything.

Our only hope is that those who actually do pay taxes around the country, will tire of having their money used to pay for others excesses.