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Other B&M PEPBOYs Mobile Super 5k Conventional 5.1 Qts + Purolater Pure One Oil Filter for $15.99
hey all,

Monthly Oil post:

This months special is

Mobil Super Conventional 5000 5.1 Qts Jug (5W30, 10W30, 10W40 available at my local store)


Purolater Pure One Filter $6.49

total Price w/o tax: $15.99

Good oil, great filter, okay price (last year this combo was priced at $9.99 currently best here)

For those who dont have a pepboys nearby, Autozone is selling at a price of $16.99 but with an STP filter.

Good Luck!

EDIT: Hat tip to Squander: There might be some confusion, as to what I am posting versus the coupon. The coupon states a Purolater Classic with a list price of $6.99. However as I experienced today, as Long as the filter your purchasing has price less than $6.99, you will paying the listed $15.99.


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