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I bit. Chatter says this is a rebrand of a LY-F1 which sells for about $100 (and the Mach Speed is around $80 on Amazon now), and the Mach Speed version goes used for $60+ on ebay. I'm confident I can handle the my4rebate and the sub requirement (got a $1 visa gc ready), and also comfortable with custom roms. My only real worry at this point is getting a defective unit and having to deal with a TD return or dealing with Mach Speed directly. Also, there's the possibility of the unit turning janky after TD return period, based on some of the reviews (I'm guessing soldering issues, which I'd rather not have to confirm and fix anyway). Hopefully I'll at least be able to use wifi up to one room away from the access point, and that it'd be the worst of the issues.

Main plan's to turn this into a photo frame and lock it down into a kiosk mode with browser and photo album only, to keep it relatively simple for gifting to parents. That's getting ahead of myself though.
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