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Quote from okinawanmatt View Post :
I know I'm in the minority here, but everyone shouldAVOID "TOTAL DEFENSE"/"CA" REBATES.

Other users will scream at you that a "rebate is a rebate" and that you should take advantage of the offer.

However, a CA or Total Defense rebate works in the following way:
  1. Install the software.
  2. Activate the software.
  3. Go to the webpage listed on the sticker of the package that says, "Go to this website to register for your rebate!"
  4. Put in your full name, address and hit enter on the webpage.
  5. Receive a notice that you are now "Registered for a rebate." No proof of activation needed. No confirmation number. Just one text sentence on a blank page stating that you have "Registered for a rebate."
The problem arises from the fact that:
  • You do not receive a confirmation number or tracking number for your rebate registration
  • You do not receive an e-mail confirmation of your rebate registration
  • Your rebate registration is not attached to your customer information or account number
  • The rebate amount varies according to DATE, not how much TigerDirect/NewEgg or other re-sellers promise (for example, March and April are $10 rebate offers, while May and June are $30 rebate offers across the board)
  • The rebate department consists of 2 people at CA, and 2 people at Total Defense. Their customer databases are not linked, and the rebate registration is a manual process that is not entered into either customer databases in the first place.
It took about 9 months for me to receive my CA/Total Defense rebate last year after 8 phone calls on separate days and speaking with both the CA side of the company and the Total Defense side of the company. They had hand-written records for rebates and did not use computer databases to keep track of rebates. They had to adjust the date-of-purchase because TigerDirect stated a "$30 rebate", but at the time of sale, Total Defense was only offering a $10 rebate. They promised to call TigerDirect and work out the details, but after 2 weeks without a call back, I finally found out that they only had 2 people working at Total Defense to file rebate and satisfaction claims, so they never made the call to TigerDirect about my case. Fortunately, I had screenshots from TigerDirect's website from when I made my purchase, so they finally fudged their notes and told me they changed my "date of purchase" so that they could file my rebate properly and still hold up to an audit.

That was the worst experience I had with a rebate. Ignored calls, hand-written notes, miscommunication, and a 9-month wait. Not worth it.
I agree that you should avoid Total Defense rebates since you have to activate the software and cant resell it unless you will use it. Probably better off using free software since Total Defense sucks anyway. However, it didn't take me that long to receive the rebate. Probably about a month. I believe 4myrebate has improved over the years (or it's new, not sure) that they are fast at handling the rebate. Especially with that company, they have good tracking feature that let you know what stage they are on.