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Quote from SDRebel View Post :
I read that thread and it was a single bad report of a hardware failure. If you read it, you will see that many in that thread suggested that it could have happened with any service....
Exactly, we do not cater to the Webhostingtalk market and it represents less than 1% of our client base. We host over 150 physical server nodes in over 4 hosting facility locations, a single bad review does not mean anything compared to the hundreds of good reviews we have on Slickdeals and other communities.

Quote from webking View Post :
I own a VPS company and I don't make money if I don't put 200 people on the same server for $30/yr. Bandwidth is expensive and who gives 2000gb/month for about $3/month vps? You must have failed your math class. It's common sense. If you can't do the math, you shouldn't be on here. This forum is for slick deals, not stupid deals.
Sorry for the late response, I did not see this post earlier.

Very saddening to hear about this from a competitor, but to clarify we do not rent nor lease our servers, we buy all of our hardware outright and colocate them which means our monthly expenses are very low compared to other companies like you who rent. We have our own cabinets in our geographically diverse facilities and own all of our hardware, from switches to the hardware utilized by our server nodes. Because we have large bandwidth commits and purchase in bulk deals, we are able to pass the savings down to our customers and offer unbeatable prices that other VPS companies can only dream of coming near to.

In any case, this thread should be closed as it has expired. We have a new deal which was posted by another SD member earlier today and we are actively responding to any questions on it:

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Opened my 5th VPS. Feeling very guilty.
Thanks for your loyalty!

- Kevin