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Quote from Corrosive View Post :
Actually I am going to be returning mine because I like the RT better. The RT feels sturdier and I have yet to had it lock up or "bug out". I have had the X2 already become unresponsive at times and have weird problems. I was in class this evening and the professor was going on about stuff to review for an upcoming exam, the computer locked up while I was typing and I had to resort to my legal pad to write everything down. Somewhat embarassing seeing as I just got the thing, fully updated bios, etc (note it didnt ship with updated bios).

Long story short... the RT seems more reliable if you dont mind living w/o .exe files.

Sidenote... I am going to do a compairason of this, the surface rt, and the XPS 12 over the weekend. Its going to be apples to oranges to pears, but I have actually had several people ask me about which is better/best
awesome. thanks and rep'ed. you did everything I heard to do once you unbox it. Ill stick with my RT.