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Quote from rippedbuff View Post :
Thumbs up! Coconut water is sooo healthy.. Zico is good but all boxed juices are pasteurized so MUCH BETTER tasting than those juice boxes are Fresh young white coconuts

--even those who don't like the coconut water in boxes LOVE fresh young white coconut straight from the coconut --cutting it is easy with 4 square chops to the top (youTube how-to it)

Coconuts are great for runners (10x the potassium of sports drinks & 2x the potassium of a banana) & with healthy glucose & fat-burners in it + protein & antioxidants -article with references by Dr. Mercola

You can find fresh young white/green coconuts at Asian markets nationwide like locations- -
well as locations -

Fresh young white coconuts range from 70 cents to $1.49 a coconut single or 70 cents to 99 cents by the box (9 in a box) in Asian markets & each has 11 to 16 ounces of coconut water so a much better deal than the processed tetrapacks.

Whole Foods, Mother's Market, & Sprouts have also started carrying fresh young white coconuts but they charge double the price of Asian markets ($2-$3 a coconut at Whole Foods/Mother's Market)
they get the same coconuts as 99 Ranch & H Mart --but at least there's always a Whole Foods everywhere nearby.

If you have a choice, coconuts from tropical SouthEast Asia like Thailand are the best & sweetest,2nd is Maylasia, 3rd is Phillpiines --Mexico is the least sweet.

You can also get the canned coconut water like C20 as well as 16 oz cans made in Thailand at 99cents & dollar stores too (not as good as fresh coconut but better tasting than the processed tetrapacks)

MOre benefits from coconut oil too:
I wish the medical board would strip the "Dr." from his last name. What a trash DO. The references that he has to actual medical journals are intolerably incomplete and leaves out important data that is necessary to understand the true meaning behind the results.

One thing you perhaps misread is the level of potassium in bananas. A single banana has 450mg of potassium, while a cup of coconut water has about 600mg of potassium. You really shouldn't be drinking this stuff everyday like you would a soda or juice. These levels of potassium could be problematic especially if you have renal disease or are taking stuff like digoxin. Anyways, just my 2 cents.