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I just was looking for one of these. It is a decent price.

I ended up getting a used $15 westell 9100 router, using its moca capabilities, bridging it and using the ethernet ports as an ethernet switch. By using the router that way I have ethernet for my game console, bluray and TV. I would have bought the posted moca adapter before but not now I know about using the old routers instead. The router solution worked best for me.
So do you have to disable the wireless on these westell? What if you want to use your own router? Did you need a splitter at each connection that has a tv also? Was bridging between two a setting in the router menu?

I have the old Netgear MOCA for years. Love it. I needed to put a switch to get more than one port so you method looks nice. The Netgear was easy to get to talk to each other and that is why I am asking what you did for the westell?
I did opt to disable the wireless, yes a coax splitter is needed to the TV. I used this guide:
I am using my own router (airport extreme to fios ONT) I change the DHCP range in the guide from 192.168.0.x to 10.0.1.x to work with AirPort Extreme. I can re enable the wireless as an ap. VOD, wifi remote work fine, I don't use media manager (don't know if that works)
I did lose ability to access dvr outside my network I.e over 3G. Not a big deal for me

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