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I want a North Face jacket but every time I look at them, I just feel like they should have gone out of style along with the end of the last millennium. But what makes me keep looking are the reviews from people I know who wear these regularly: They all say these are really warm. Then I remember how much I hate fleece and the static shock that comes free with every one of these things and I manage to prevent myself from pulling the trigger! YAY!
The styles near the end of the last millennium were much better then the riff-raff you see today, so I'm okay with them looking out of date. Besides, if you're buying TNF to look stylish, then you're buying it for the wrong reason.

Personally, I've had no problem with static electricity with mine, even though I'm not real fond of fleece for the same reason. However, neither of my TNF jackets are all that warm, either. I know they make them warmer then those that I have, but I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of warmth with mine, so it amuses me when I hear people push them for being warm.