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Quote from FrozenDarkness View Post :
Are bigger cards really necessary? just wondering
If you have PS Plus even a 16gb card is too little. In one year of PS Plus you have have probably 15 psp games, 5 PS1 classic games and 15-25 VITA games that are Free as long as you stay on PS Plus. Even a 32gb card would only be able to handle 1/2 of that. So you are having to delete and re download your games. This also means that you have to be stingy with pictures, music and video. I would love to have a whole season or two of a show like Archer or Parks and Rec but there just isn't space. It is a shame because videos look great on the VITA screen.

Swapping cards in and out is not a viable option so the best we can do is hunker down with a 32gb card. I am really struggling with my 16gb card at the moment but if this goes through I am glad I waited. In about a year I will have so many games through PS Plus and cheap discount purchases that I will need a 128g micro sd card which doesn't even exist from what I can tell. I wish someone could release a hack to use any micro sd card.