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Quote from cncm View Post :
I have the 50mm f1.8...the problem is that there is no autofocus! (I have the d5100). I'm just a beginner so it takes me a while to manually focus and I'm never sure if it's exactly right. Also, I can't take any shots where there's moving subjects or it comes out blurry.

Advice, anyone?
You must have the "old" D version instead of the "correct" G version for your camera. The G version of the 50/1.8 should AF with your body. You haven't mentioned what you want to use this lens for, by the way.

FWIW, the Nikkor will hold its value better, should you decide to move up to a FF camera in the future. I say this as someone who has shot Nikon gear since about 1989, and have traded up several times. The non-nikkor glass generally commands about half the resale value of nikkor glass when comparing bought/sold ratios. I did some copying for a while, and intentionally bought a 1:1 Nikkor for 2x the price of a nominally equivalent Tamron. After using it for 4 months of work, I sold it for the exact same as I paid for it - essentially a free 4 month rental. I have a Tokina 20-35/3.5 in my old bag which is decent enough, but which it's worth the cost of shipping.

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