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Quote from fueradeljuego View Post :
How about giving me your opinion of the LG???--I see you love it but any details?

Will do. There's also a 55" Vizio on sale for $799 M550SL that has built in wifi and apps but no 3D. Am leaning toward the LG for now, because the wifi can always be added through Roku, apple tv etc.
Sorry... to give you more info on why I like the LG:

1) Passive 3D as I stated in previous post. I now have 10 pairs of glasses and only spent $15 on top of the TV. I would have to spend $200+ for 10 pairs of the generic Samsung active glasses you can find on Amazon that work for the panasonic 3D tv and other active 3d tv's.

2) The 2d--->3d is actually pretty cool. It works best in sports (basketball games) from my experience. Nothing is gonna jump out at you, but it adds some real depth to it. More of a "cool" feature though, as opposed to something I will use alot.

3) The picture is very crisp and clear. I am not a huge tv buff, but I do think the colors may not be as good as a top of the line plasma. But again, that is why i am interested to hear your opinion compared to the U50.

4) There is an awesome "auto-picture optimizer" tool that works well. But honestly I prefer the tv to be on the built in "vivid" setting.

5) There is a game mode for preventing lag in gaming. Although I never have been a big believer in that mode anyway. I can never tell the difference.

6) You can plug in to ethernet to get firmware updates seamlessly. Although the costco tv's have the newest firmware already.

7) Compared to a plasma, you never have to worry about the "burn in" affect or the red/white snow effect that I got on my last samsung plasma.

8) Overall the tv just feels/looks crisp and clean. The picture isn't going to blow you away, but it is definitely not going to dissapoint and is bright and vibrant.

Hope this helps!!

Either way, take my words with a grain of salt because i am NOT tv buff. Nice thing about costco is that they have an easy return policy, so you really have nothing to lose.... except some inconvenience.