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Quote from Prologik View Post :
I got my S30V knife today (my first with this steel) and I find myself walking around the house looking for things to cut! I ended up opening a Christmas lights box, time to upgrade to LED's (no choice now), and went to town like Santa was on the way. No more tangles. I turned a phone book to confetti and cut a heavy duty 50 qt Rubbermaid container in half. Still slices paper like butter. My poor printer is now on a diet. The edge is as it came. My other steels can't do that. Makes me want to take my knife post to a gun thread. LOL Not! As for shaving arm hair, people must have exaggerated or added a second finer bevel to the edge. Don'k know. Hope You enjoy yours as much as I have.
Nice! My S30V Blur should be here soon!