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Quote from lousmith84 View Post :
Ok, I know that the OCZ vertex 3's have some firmware bugs. Can someone please enlighten me if these have them also being "MAX IOPS" are they also affected; or is it just for the "regular" vertex 3's please?
thanks lou
Neither, lou. Problems with the Sandforce controller firmware (in OCZ and other drives) are ancient history, but have left a mark on OCZ as an SSD vendor. These are excellent drives in my experience w/ three Vertex 3's and one Vertex 3 MaxIOPS. These are very fast SSDs. Buy w/o worry if you think the price is right. Got one a little cheaper a couple of weeks ago.

FYI, I also have a Vertex 2, and a Vertex gen 1 that's been perfect, used 12/hrs/day since new. OCZ the company deserves the bad rap they earned, but the drives are excellent.

OCTOBER 17, 2011
OCZ has just released f/w 2.15 for all SF-2281 processors which will fix an issue that has become popularly known as the “SandForce Bug”.
This release not only identifies and prevents BSOD issues caused by two specific conditions, but also, tackles stuttering issues observed by some as well as significantly improving TRIM and Secure Erase operations to prevent low level data corruption. [ssdreview]

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