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Quote from danameless View Post :
I pick these up with a previous deal, but can't get the wireless to work. Everytime I go through the setup, the camera and tool freezes when I unplug the lan cable. Did anyone else have this problem?
Most likely a router issue. I had a friend with a late model Linksys router that these cameras just never could work with. The linksys routers can be real crap.

He just picked up an ASUS RT-N16 this past weekend, and in no time had the cameras working. He loves the new routher and cameras so much.

So try a different router if you can.

I've set up 16 of these Foscams at several different locations and have never had a problem. These are rock solid as far as I'm concerned. I've had them working since Dec of last year and not a single problem, across different states.

Quote from danameless View Post :
Hmmm, OK - I've always waited until the camera completely re-booted before unplugging the cable. After I unplug the cable is when the camera freezes and does not come back online. I'll try this when I get home later. Thanks-
As I mentioned my friend had the exact same problem, so he had 5 of the Foscam's sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing for several months.

Let us know what you find.

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