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Quote from danameless View Post :
I use the IP Camera Tool to find the IP when I first connect to my laptop via lan. I unplugged the cable while it was counting down (re-booting) and then the screen where you see the video image freezes and gives me the error Page cannot be displayed and the IP Tool does not display the camera IP anymore.
Ok so just to be clear. You are plugging the camera via LAN to the router and then your laptop connects to the same network. You should not be connected directly to the camera via LAN. You use IP tool to find the initial IP address. Setup everything you want before you switch to wireless. MAKE THE IP STATIC if you can. Go through all the reboots. Then when all is set, go to the wireless settings. Select your network, carefully enter your network key. Also select the right encryption (the default it shows may not be correct). Then save and it will reboot. While it's rebooting unplug the camera from your router. Then wait for it to fully reset. I wait until it stops turning and then a few more seconds after that. Then log in via the browser like I posted above.

Also, double check after you set the wireless settings that the check mark was saved for "using wireless LAN". I think I had to save it twice on one of my cameras.