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Quote from Legionnaire View Post :
kk here it is
I bought a squirt bottle for cat, she clawed it once on side? Why? I got her a lot of toys too and she's been clawing on them nonstop so maybe she won't claw couch again. Also ordered some lavender oil I am gonna mix into water solution and rub on sides of couch
I read cats don't like the smell so they won't mess with it I'm hoping.

I fixes couch. Just used glue, all fixed. lol 5 buck fix.

Cat and her toys.

I won't declaw her but any other suggestions?.
Get a carpeted post for her to claw on. A lot of cats prefer carpet over cardboard, they also like something that's stable to claw on and like to be able to stretch upward as they claw, just like they would on a tree. Once the cat wears out the carpet on it (it gets to the point that their claws can't grip it anymore), you can recover it with carpet scraps from a carpet shop, they often give the scraps away free. All you need is a heavy staple gun and the appropriate sized staples. It only takes about 10 minutes to re-carpet the post.
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