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Quote from BrokeNJersey View Post :
I was able to get the Panasonic P55ST50 Open Box at Best Buy yesterday for $900. Last one they had at that location, so this is YMMV.

I had bought the Panasonic P50ST50 for $799 a couple weeks ago when they had it for sale at Sears. Love the picture and was trying to get one for my parents. However, they're pretty much sold out anywhere that's willing to honor this price. Seems like Best Buy may have some of the 55" kicking around though. One store sold their last P55ST50 new in box for $1000, then I went to a second Best Buy store that had it open box for $970+. When I told the manager that the other store had it new in box for $1000, he gave me the "open box" discount of 10%, bringing it down to $900.

I figure the extra 5" of screen size is worth $100. I was surprised that there were some BB stores still with inventory. May be worth checking out, and here's the receipt if someone wants to try to price match...
This is a good pull for the ST model. I love Panny plasmas and the ST50 line is crowdsoured as the best bang for the buck. I drove by Paramus last week doh! Most best buys in the NYC and surrounding area were already out of this model. The UT version of this is glossier and more reflective and $700 at costco for those who want to go that route. Many a thread on that model already here if you search.
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