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Quote from paperboy05 View Post :
That's not that specific. Do you have something better?
I wasn't clear about what you were asking for: whether the claim had merit, or whether anyone has dismissed the problems with using as much gas as one wants. It is pretty clear that the policial right has disregarded this issue outright. The only concerns they associate with consumption are related to personal expense which they view as a 'personal rights issue'. Fair enough. But any time environmental or societal are brought up, their only concern is 'debunking'.

Think about the issues that have come up related to oil companies, global warming, pipelines, fraking, the gulf spill, or anything else related to petroleum. When has the political right ever been concerned with societal/global problems of too much petroleum use? The closest issue I can think of is energy independence, which is ultimately concerned about the costs and availability of gas rather than use of it. With the "Drill, baby, drill" mantra, they officially became cheerleaders.