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Quote from riptide_slick View Post :
I actually agree with you about the lightbulb ban; it's stupid. But I disagree that mandating efficiency standards means that more powerful engines are banned. Engines today are much more powerful and efficient than their predecessors were. The aren't mutually exclusive ideas.
not true..muscle cars of the 60's and 70's had much more power then even the most powerful production cars today

Quote :
I'm not making that argument, and I disagree. The soda ban can be somewhat accurately described as "portion control" but can also somewhat accurately be described as a "ban". I happen to disagree with that too. But don't let a silly thing like my agreement with your disagreement stop you from mocking me.
I wasn't mocking you, I was mocking the argument about regulating out of existence is not a ban...that argument deserves to be mocked.
Quote :
Glenn probably wouldn't approve of you agreeing with a liberal like me on anything.
Now who's mocking? That's the second time you bring Beck up...what does that red herring have to do with this topic?

Quote :
Brilliant logic there; anyone that disagrees with you is a moron with an IQ of their shoe size.
If it works and is good enough for Obama, where he endlessly claims his policies are "common-sense" and "balanced" thus implying the lie that all opposing views are non-sensical and extreme, then it's good enough for me.
Quote :
Sucks for you that I agree with you when it comes to the soda ban and the lightbulb ban. Kinda puts a damper on the attempt at an insult when I actually agree, doesn't it?

Seriously, how about trying to be a little less hostile? I know I'm not the first person to ask you this. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that not everyone fits into the boxes you've created for them and that there might even be some overlap between our opinions and those of people you so like to mock and deride. Heck, you might even live a little longer; the last time I checked, high blood pressure isn't generally considered a good thing.
If I came across as hostile to you personally , I did not mean that and I apologize...I AM hostile towards certain arguments that insult a 5-year-old's intelligence, such as that regulating out of existence is not a ban, and they tick me off...I am tired of elitist politicians treating the me and public as if they are morons (such as Obama stating that only his policies are common-sense and balanced), and that attitude does fire up my blood pressure, you are correct.

I am glad that we agree on two of the arguments...I realize that there are areas of overlap that people can agree upon, and again I apologize for blowing up on you.
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