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Quote from jmr2198 View Post :
The Vita recentlty dropped price in Japan.. and sales went up 6x. Which was even better than the nintendo DS and newer 3DS for the first time. Sony has said that it was only dropping the price in Japan, but I bet around the time of E3 they will announce a price drop in the USA, where the Vita has been selling really poorly. Sony is trying to use the Vita to compete against the Wii U and it's handheld controller you can walk away with.

Here is an article about the sales spike:

I personally am gonna hold off and see if the price drop brings any better prices. There are just too few must have games for me personally at the moment. But I would love a vita at a cheaper price point.
I do think that eventually we will see a price cut to the $199 area for an unbundled Vita. Is that "better" than this deal was? Not even close. I just sold the CoD game for $29 on ebay., plus you get a 4gb memory card. You're never going to see a MASSIVE price cut in one step to like $150, that's unreasonable. Maybe you'll see one in summer and/or one around the holidays, and maybe you'll see a killer Black Friday deal again for even less (or, more likely, simply with more stuff or a newer game).

You can't compare what they did in Japan with what they're doing here. They have to respond to each market appropriately. For one thing, the cost of the unit was absurdly high in Japan to begin with, higher than here. Plus it was selling worse there. And also, improving 6x is really just over the course of a week. Of course an item sells really well the week after a price cut. And we also have no data about whether such a price-cut on the horizon was leaked, which would've HURT sales in the weeks leading up to it. Simply saying sales went up six fold the week after a pricecut doesn't really tell you much of anything.

Sony has repeatedly denied that a pricecut is imminent in the US. I was holding out too, but at $215 for a bundle, this is too good a deal to hold out. A pricecut cannot reasonably yield substantially better prices and if it's not coming until June at E3, then this is a great deal. Of course the price will EVENTUALLY drop, it has to. But I don't see it as imminent.
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